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Sustainable Farming Practices: Nurturing Broccoli with Love and Care

Amidst the rolling fields in Aroostook County, the crown of Maine, our broccoli tells a story of sustainability, care, and a deep connection to the land. Circle B Farm’s practices aim to ensure the health of the produce, fields, and the quality of broccoli you want to serve to your loved ones.

Pest Management

Sustainability is more than a principle and our approach to pest management is a balancing act. As stewards of the land, Circle B Farm makes multiple assessments and decisions before any pesticides are applied to our florets.

In order to stay sustainable, the fields have to meet certain thresholds before we go and spray. Our farmers will walk about 25% of a harvestable field before they spray anything. They’re looking for quality and crown size, standing water, and, most importantly, how many bugs they see. For example, if they see 5-10 bugs in a 50-acre field, they will not spray the broccoli.

It isn’t economical or practical to put pesticides on the crop. If they see hundreds of bugs, they’re going to spray. We’ve learned that broccoli is actually a low-chemical impact-to-society crop. Through vigilant monitoring and targeted spraying, when necessary, we’ve found a balance that safeguards our broccoli without compromising the health of the environment. If the farmers do end up spraying, we use a mere six ounces of pesticide per acre around the perimeter.

GMO-Free and Hormone-Free Growing

Harvesting Good and our partners understand the importance of transparency in your food choices, especially when it comes to GMOs and hormones. Rest assured, our broccoli seeds are non-GMO and hormone-free. We’ve stayed true to our commitment to providing increased access to nutritious, natural produce, ensuring that every floret you enjoy is free from artificial additives.

When mid-west growers started experimenting with their crops, they primarily focused on corn and soybeans. Thankfully, this never crossed over to broccoli, and we’re able to deliver a vegetable to your table that’s in its most authentic form possible.

As we grow fields upon fields of broccoli with love and care, we extend our gratitude to you for being part of our commitment to sustainable agriculture and ending hunger in our communities. Your choice of purchasing Harvesting Good isn’t just a culinary one; it’s a vote for a farming philosophy that puts an emphasis on being good stewards of the land, honors the crop, and prioritizes the well-being of all. Thank you for joining us in this journey!

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