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The Buzz About Broccoli Pests: What you need to know!

At Harvesting Good’s farm, we’re committed to sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices. However, nature sometimes has its own plans, and just like in your backyard garden, pests may find their way into our broccoli crops. Here’s what you need to know!

Meet the Culprits:

  • Cabbage Looper: These small green caterpillars can be found on the undersides of broccoli leaves. They feed on the foliage and can sometimes reach the florets.
  • Imported Cabbage Worm: Similar to the cabbage looper, these white butterflies love broccoli plants. Their green caterpillars may nibble a bit on the broccoli plants’ leaves and the florets.
  • Diamondback Moth: These small, grayish-brown moths find broccoli to be one of the most desirable plants. Their green caterpillars are voracious eaters and can damage broccoli leaves and heads in no time.
  • White Moth: often seen fluttering around broccoli plants, these small green caterpillars cocoon and use the broccoli plants as a safe haven until they turn into white moths.
  • Swede Midge: a newcomer to Maine and Aroostook County, this pest is brought to us by climate change. This tiny fly, native to Europe and Asia, feeds on the developing plants, reducing the overall yield of the crop.

All of these harmless pests are attracted to the tender greens of broccoli, and it is challenging to completely eliminate them from our fields. While finding a small bug in your broccoli may not be appetizing, it’s generally safe to eat broccoli that has had a few unwanted visitors.

In fact, some people argue that finding the occasional bug in your produce is a sign of eco-friendly farming practices. It demonstrates a prioritization of the health of the soil and environment over using chemical interventions. Remember that thorough washing and inspecting your broccoli before consumption can help ensure that you enjoy a delicious and safe meal.

So, if you happen to find a caterpillar or small bug in your frozen broccoli, know that it’s a testament to our commitment to sustainable farming and being responsible stewards of Maine’s farmlands, ensuring nutrient-rich grounds for the next generation of farmers. We hope this knowledge encourages you to embrace the natural quirks of farming and enjoy the many benefits of Harvesting Good’s frozen broccoli.